How to Book an Escort for the First Time ?

How to Book an Escort for the First Time ?

Hi lovers & future lovers! I've been getting lots of questions about how to book providers for the first time. I figured this would be a great information to share, as there isn't a lot of information out there. Obviously, each provider is different and I'm going to be speaking and approaching this as a personal point of view/guide.

Finding your Perfect Fit
When looking for the right provider, I recommend starting with Twitter, Local Indy Collectives, Tryst and Slixa. Providers use a lot of different platforms to advertise themselves. I have found in the last years that one of the things that most providers have in common is Twitter. This social media is free and is more permissive of uncensored content than other social medias. Twitter gives you a good idea of a providers personality, likings, methods of screening and general interests. Most providers also have a instagram, but the platform is very restrictive, some words are banned and talking about bookings in PM can make a provider lose her account. Local Indy collectives are a safe way to find providers. They are groups of providers that gather to make a safe space, share information and keep each other safe. There is a great love and cooperation between these providers. Tryst and Slixa are great website to find providers, both websites ask for verification pictures and are known by the indy communities. There are websites that are known to have more risky, scams, exploitation. I would recommend always verifying that your chosen provider has an active social media before booking.

Every provider has different boundaries and set of rules. These rules should never be trespassed or pushed under any circumstance. If a providers rules don't fit your comfort, please move on and find a different provider that will fit your needs.

Contacting a provider You have been browsing a while, learning about your chosen provider and you are now ready to make the jump! Let's contact them! Contacting a provider can be the most stressful step when it's your first time! First, Start by reading their website and their requirements to book a meeting. All providers are different, some will ask little info, some need a bit more to feel comfortable with strangers. Make sure you check their how to book page, screening requirements and preferred methods of contact before reaching out.
What is screening ? Please scroll a bit lower to have details about what screening is and why it is important to us!)

Ready ? Let's write to them!
Personally, I always prefer emails that start with a short introduction, like who you are, your interests, your background. Always include the details of a date and time that would work for you. If it is an Incall or an Outcall*. If it is required that you mention some aspects that you are looking for in a meeting, please feel comfortable to details them. If you aren't comfortable yet, you can ask about services or details in a second exchange**. It can be really nice to mention where you learned about them, it helps their advertising efforts. I recommend contacting your provider when you are ready to book, or if you have questions that will lead to a booking. For example : Hi April, my name is John. I saw your ad listed on Tryst and I'd love to meet you! I love geeky things and talking about technology. I saw on your twitter that you love Video games! I'm sure we will have lots of shared interests. I would love to meet you for 2 hours on Monday the X, at X time for an incall. I would be interested to discover more about certain aspects of my sexuality. Can you be my guide? My screening is a reference from X provider, but i also added my pic of ID to make you more comfortable. Looking forward to meeting you! John

* NOTE : See more vocabulary at the end of this post **NOTE : Some providers do not like lists of XYZ activities that you would like "performed" in your meeting. You can mention them as personal likings and specify that X activity really turns you on. Always formulate your needs in a polite manner and be respectful. Make sure your demands fit your providers boundaries.

Screening What is screening. You must have seen this word all over providers websites and social medias. Screening is a process that providers have put in place to get just enough information about you that will make us feel safe to meet you. Every provider has different screening rules, i would say that the most common ones are a Reference, Pic of ID or a Deposit. Why we ask for Screening: As providers, we are putting in a vulnerable position with a stranger (keep in mind that at this point, you as a stranger to us!). We ask for information to make us feel safe to meet you.

A Reference is giving the name of a provider you have previously met, that has agreed to vouch for you to the new provider. The new Provider will contact the previous one to ask them : if you were safe, if you were clean and if she would see you again. We do not ask any personal information about you. We strictly ask to know if we are in good hands. When using a reference, it is to note that some providers prefer being contacted before you give their name to a new provider. You can learn more about each persons protocols through their websites.

Pic of ID : A picture of ID is a common screening procedure. We use the information to have a general idea of who you are, some providers will also run a quick background check to see if you have a criminal record. Your information is not shared, the information will be kept until the end of your booking. Depending on each provider, the information is then destroyed. ( I delete all screening IDs periodically). Your information is not re-used or stored. Some providers also ask for a selfie with the pic of ID to make sure you didn't use someone else's identification. If you are worried about sending your identification. Please feel comfortable to ask us for a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Again, this procedure is simply to make sure that you are a gentleman and would not put us in danger, or try to harm us.

Deposit : Deposits before bookings are quite common. Your chosen provider can guide you on which way she prefers to receive them. I personally ask for deposits for longer dates, events or meetings that involve another provider (Duos, More-somes, Orgies). Some prefer payments transfers, some prefer gift cards on chosen websites. These deposits are to build trust between you and the provider. They "guarantee" that you will show up and that their time will not be wasted.

Website Usernames/Codes /LinkedIn : There are many websites where people discuss SW, leave reviews that assess that the provider is real. There are also websites where providers leave reviews for clients. Some providers ask for these usernames to verify that you are an active member that contributes to the community. Reviews you left for other providers can give us an idea of your behaviours, personality. I personally don't use this method, but I know many international providers that use these. Again, your provider will mention their preferred method of screening and establish what makes them safe.

Social Dates : Social Dates are a great way to screen. Social Dates are meetings that happen in a public space, like a coffee shop or a park. They help establish a trust and a first connection between you and your chosen provider. Social Dates are paid for, providers will let you know what their social time rates are if you ask them or visit their website. Depending on the date, the provider will determine if she is willing to meet you again in a more intimate setting. I really recommend booking a social date if this is your first time booking a provider. You will be able to ask them questions and really take some of that stress off. The goal of screening is in no way to scam you. It is simply to build a trust. We understand that you might have a fear, when screening, of giving your personal information to a stranger. Keep in mind that at this time, you know way more information about us than we do about you. We are offering you our intimacy, a safe space to be in in exchange of trust. If you refuse to give us any information on which we can build a trust, you will most likely not get an appointment. Screening benefits you and your chosen providers relationship. It proves that both parties are serious about meeting and that both of your times will not be wasted.

My favourite/accepted methods of screening are : a Reference, A Pic of ID or a Social Date. I will most likely be asking for a deposit for longer dates, events or meetings that involve another provider (Duos, More-somes, Orgies).

Getting Ready to meet

The big day is here! You will be meeting your favourite provider! First take a deep breath! This is going to be fun and you are going to be filled with immense happiness and pleasure! Here are a few tips to make your first date & following dates a charm:

Contact your provider the morning of your date(or previous night) to confirm your appointment. Arrive on Time : Neither in advance, neither late. (if you are late, please advise your companion) Once you are together, leave the agreed donation on the counter, or any space in sight for the provider. Have a quick sit down and chat. Take a deep breath and relax. You are in a safe space! Take a quick shower. Make sure you are clean everywhere. Leave your personal belongings in the washroom. That includes your cellphone and other devices. (unless otherwise stated and consent asked) Keep all drinks sealed until you are both ready to open and drink them. Listen and respect boundaries. Feel free to talk about your needs and your boundaries. Respect the agreed upon time. Relax

Allow yourself to be yourself, you are human, no one is perfect. Don't pressure yourself to "perform", have a great genuine time. Keep in mind that bad behaviours have bad consequences. We will keep each other safe.

Cancellations : Life happens and it is possible that something might make you have to cancel a per-arranged booking. Make sure you have verified your providers cancellation policy and respect their cancellation or rescheduling demands. Always advise your provider of a cancellation as soon as possible so they can make proper arrangements on their side. Incall often necessitate that your provider rents a space to be able to receive you. Please keep that in mind when you need to cancel.

Vocabulary :
Incall : An Incall is when you would like to meet the provider at her location.You will travel to them.
Outcall : An Outcall is when you would like to meet a provider at your location. They will travel to you( house, appartment, hotel room)
GFE : GirlFriend Experience. Services based on feeling like you are with your Girlfriend. The activities of GFE can vary from one provider to another.

I hope i was able to answer some questions that you had! If you need more answers that were not mentioned here, please feel comfortable to comment! I will get to you as soon as i can! Feel free to reach me too! xx

April Killian

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