I'm a Submissive

Say it louder...
Just admit it.

I see submission like a temple, an intimate worship and devotion to sensation, pleasure and torment...
Let me be the architect of your desire, of the trembling in your voice, in the build up of tension, whispers and shivers of your body. I will navigate your fantasies with intuition, tenderness and consent. Your surrender will free your poor delicate pervy mind.

My domination style is assertive, sensual and spicy. I am bubbly but firm. I will play with your mind, your senses and surrendered vulnerabilities.
I'm a guide into perversions with strength and tenderness. My goal is to control your flow of pleasure, build a sexual tension and explore a
sacred space the will be intimate to you and I.

I love taking charge and having you on edge. I will take you further into your submission at every meeting. 


Worship Me

A little bit about your Goddess

My name is April Killian.
I'm a short little bubbly creature of light and tease.
I love to be treated like a queen and worshipped all over.
I love leather wear, latex, velvet, lingerie and beautiful shoes.
My feet are incredibly sensitive and love to be pampered, kissed and
praised. My favorite sessions involve orgasm control, tease and denial and delicate tortures.

I love to take you on physical and mental adventures. People say i'm a
good teacher, and a consensual boundary pusher. My curiosity has brought me all over the bdsm and fetish world, i'm very experienced and confident. I'm experienced both as a top and a submissive, it gives me a good understanding of the excitement, thrill and feelings you are looking for.
The experiences i offer are based on connection and communication.

Meeting me feels a bit like meeting someone you’ve always known. I might seem intimidating but i'm very kind and giving. I’m not afraid to make the first moves and guide
you into pleasure. My goal is to make our time together as natural as possible. I hope you will find in me an authentic connection.

Here are some listed suggestions of experiences i love to offer. With a list of my comfort zones. If you wish for something that isn't listed, please message me to discuss, I have a lot of experience and i'm open to acquire more to fit your fantasy.



Your twisted mind is mine to play with

Devotion is a Luxury
Femdom Rates are
450 Roses per hour

Dinner Dates
1250 Roses per hour

Rates include full experience, purchase/ upkeep of toys, tools, furniture, outfits, roleplays.

Latex Outfits Require an extra hourly fee of 50$/Hour for their upkeep.

You are MINE

Edge Plays & Post Orgasm Torture

There's nothing i love more than taking you on the edge and making you lose control. Whether it's to deny you or to torture you after you cum.
Having your trembling dick in my hands and making you lose your mind, is one of my favourite things ever. I get so excited with having this trust in your orgasm control.

Impact Play & Physical Torture

I've developed many techniques over my experiences as a Dom. I love taking your body to a new level of shivers and heat! I have a large variety of floggers and impact toys for your deepest playful regrets! I'll explore every inch of your body and make you fear my next movements.I love cbt too!

Bounded & Breathplay

I have years of experiences with bonding devices and ropes, on top of furniture to keep you in my desired position. I'll make sure you receive your corrections and fantasies in positions that make you feel forced to receive them. Bondings always include safety unlocks in the event of emergencies and clear discussions before hand. I have lots of experience with breathplay scenarios too.


You know how pervy you are.
Let me guide your little mind and play with the guilt and shame that you love to feel for being such a bad boy. We will discuss together about the things you like to hear and how you like to feel. I want you to feel where you belong while respecting you as the beautiful person you are. This requires solid trust and communication. I have experience and I'm available for cuckholding scenarios too!


Student / Teacher
Kitty / Catwoman /
Geek Cosplays(Harley Quinn, Super Girl, Bat Girl, Cat Woman, Captain Marvel, Hermione, Rey)
French Maid
Mommy / Care Giver
Cop / Criminal
Sex Doll
Flight attendant
Vampire / Enchantress / Witch

Urethra Play

I've been very lucky to develop incredible skills when it comes to Urethra Play. I've had the most dedicated subs allow me to play with their c0cks and experiment the
beauty of this medical stimulation. Urethra Play stimulates different
areas of the prostate and also makes the sensory nerves of the dIck very aware and sensitive. Orgasms like i've never witnessed before!

Puppy / Pet

Be my little play toy. I'll train you and feed you well. Give you belly scratches and all things needed for you to bloom as the beautiful little pet that you are. We can take nice walks with your leash and collar. I'll make you such a good boi!

Tickling & Wrestling

I'm addicted to tickling and love to play wrestle. Let me tie you down and tickle you until you scream! I have feathers and delicate fingers awaiting your giggles! Let me wrap my legs around your head and make you tap out !

Medical Play

I know you fantasize about
being tied down on a medical bed. While i don't have the whole medical room, i can still tie you down and play all sorts of experiments on you. I'll stimulate all your senses and take all the right pressures. Your heart rate will be quite high.


I know you want to taste
every single part of me. Even my most intimate fluids. Message me for details regarding all watersports.

Being Caged

There's nothing like a
caged dick just waiting to be touched. I'll tease you and deny you until you beg. You better beg good. Your dick might just stay in there! Only good boys are allowed to release!

More Temptations

More things i'm comfortable offering ( Me on you)

Age Play
Arm and Leg Sleeve
Ball Busting
Blindfold & Sense Deprivation
Bondage & Restraints
Breath play & Chocking
Consensual Non-Consent(Rape Play)
Double Anal
Double Penetration
Edging ( Love to Edge)
Electric Play
Fire Play
Fisting Anal
Forced Dressing
Forced Servitude
Forced Masturbation
Forced Nudity
Fuck Machine
Full Head Hood
Full Submission
Genital Torture
Hair Pulling
Hot Wax
Humiliation (public, private, verbal)
Impact Play & Spanking With or Without Toys
(Simulated) Kidnapping
Massage - Erotic Massage
Nipple Torture
Orgasm Control/Denial
Pegging & Strap On
Post Orgasm Torture
Rimming (R)
Serving as Furniture
Sexual Deprivation
Sensory Deprivation
Training - Position Training
Urethra Play - Very Experienced

And more! Please feel comfortable to ask me!


Things I will not do to you

Hard Limits (I do not like or want to do):
Prolapse (G/R)
Knife Play (G/R)
Anal Speculum (G)
Piercing Play (G/R)
Brown Shower (G/R)
Injections (G/R)

Anything involving real animals

Anything involving blood

Anything that involves scat


Every Session begins with a moment to discuss the scene. How you feel and how you want to feel during our time together means everything to me. I go over Fears, Fantasies and Boundaries every session.

Our communication and trust is the most precious thing.

Consent isn't enough, it has to be given enthusiastically.