I'm The Dominant One

I love being Teased

Get me to your knees and treat me like the teasing little brat that i am...

Humiliation, Chocking, Roleplay, CIM/ COF, Worshipping, Begging, Greek...
Extra : 150 Roses/Hour

Please do not assume that i am willing to perform all these activities without prior communication and consent.


Edge Plays

Would you like to be in
control of that exact moment where i can't hold it anymore, where my body trembles in pleasure. I get so turned on when you control when i

Impact Play

I love being spanked and
the feeling of impact play toys. I'll let you discover all my sensitive areas and have you make my butt all red! Make sure to read my boundaries to make sure we don't go over any of my limits!


I love being humiliated! Tell me every little nasty thing that crossed your mind! i want to hear it! I want to know nasty I am!


Student / Teacher
Kitty / Catwoman /
Geek Cosplays(Harley Quinn, Super Girl, Bat Girl, Cat Woman, Captain Marvel, Hermione, Rey)
French Maid
Mommy / Care Giver
Cop / Criminal
Sex Doll
Flight attendant
Vampire / Enchantress / Witch


I have so many toys that you can use on me! Vibrators, dildos, sex machines, outfits and so much more!


You can spray it all over my body! Let's get filthy
(not face or mouth)

A little More

Here are more Bdsm-y activities that i enjoy!

Age Play
Collars and Leas
Cuffs & Restraints
Double Penetration
Face Slapping & Impact Play
Floggers or Paddles
Forced Dressing
Forced Servitude
Forced Masturbation
Forced Nudity
Fuck Machine
Gagging or Gag Balls
Greek / Anal
Hot Wax
Humiliation (public, private, verbal)
Kneeling/ Worshipping
Rimming (R)
Soft Beating
Strap-on (G/R)
WaterSports (Not on Face)
Wrestling - Play

And more! Please feel comfortable to ask me!


Things I will not tolerate and Do Not Like

Soft Limits (Interested, in the right setting with the right partner)

​Consensual non-consent (G/R)

Electric Play (R)
Genital Torture (R)
Biting (R)
Rimming (G)

Hard Limits (I do not like or want to do):

Prolapse (G/R)
Saliva in or around Ears (R)
Saliva in my nose, Licking my nose (R)
Knife Play (G/R)
Nipple Biting (R)
Nipple Clamps (R)
Double Anal (R)
Anal Speculum (R)
Mummification (R)
Piercing Play (G/R)
Urethral Play (R)
Brown Shower (G/R)
Injections (G/R)
Fisting (R)
Anything involving real animals
Anything involving blood
Anything that involves scat

(G) : Giving
(R) : Receiving

Every Session begins with a moment to discuss the scene. How you feel and how you want to feel during our time together means everything to me. I go over Fears, Fantasies and Boundaries every session.

Our communication and trust is the most precious thing.

Consent isn't enough, it has to be given enthusiastically.