I'm a Fetishist

An Experience You Won’t Forget

I love those little somethings that just make you go crazy! That specific sound, look, feel that makes you tremble with pleasure.

Please notify me of the fetishes you would like before our appointment.
Please do not assume that i am willing to perform all these activities without prior communication and consent.

Fetishes don't have an extra fee, except the listed ones that do!

Let me tickle your fancy

Foot and Heels Fetish

My feet love attention! Let
me rub them all over your face and force them in your mouth. Let me trample you with my lovely heels and have you obsess over all the curves of my feet and legs.

Nylons & Fishnets Fetish

I love dressing up for you!
Let's put nylons over nylons and rub our bodies against each other and enjoy the soft texture of nylons. If you wish you rip some, please
provide some!If you wish i provide specific nylons or fishnets please write to me!

Latex Fetish

My collection of Latex keeps growing for your biggest pleasure! I love the feeling of being tightly stuck in these glossy outfits. The shine, the sounds, everything about it is just exciting!

Latex is an extra 50Roses, to help pay for maintenance and expansion of the collection

Food Fetish

If you have a little
something for something sweet, something sticky! Bring it over! If you love the sound of chips or specific sounds food makes in your mouth, come see me! If you'd love to fuck in your birthday cake! Let's do this!If your fetish is a bit messy, please count an extra 30mins to our time together so i can clean up our shared space.

Tickle Fetish

I'm addicted to tickling.
Let me tie you down and tickle you until you scream! I have feathers and delicate fingers awaiting your giggles!

Body Smell Fetish

Let me hold your head in my armpits or put my little toes on your face. Smell every most intimate part of my body and obsess about my own unique natural perfumes.

Every Session begins with a moment to discuss the scene. How you feel and how you want to feel during our time together means everything to me. I go over Fears, Fantasies and Boundaries every session.

Our communication and trust is the most precious thing.

Consent isn't enough, it has to be given enthusiastically.