Frequently Asked Questions
How do I contact you ?

Hi! You can contact me on my phone number or by email for booking questions. Please Visit my schedule and etiquette page to view screening requirements.

How long does it take you to reply?

Ooops! I’m so sorry! I try to check my emails regularly. Sometimes I might have skipped one, I’m so sorry. I have lots of other commitments in my life and try to keep a good tempo with emails, if your request is for a same day, or you'd like an immediate response, i'd recommend sending a text!
I usually reply in the 24h, max 3 days if i'm super busy!

Can i offer you a gift?

Absolutely! Gifts aren’t required but are always appreciated! My Wishlist can be found here!

What does social time mean?

It involves us meeting in a public setting, like a museum or a park. Like a coffee date or a night at the movies. This is a good option if you
would like to visit our chemistry before a longer or more intimate encounter. Any social meeting that happens in private fall under my regular donation options.

What are your measurements?

My measures are :

5ft2, 105 pounds

My curves are 32 23 36

My breasts are 32C

My feet are size 5 US

My ring sizes are between 5US and 6US

I wear Small for Tops, Medium for bottoms. Pants Size 3, Dresses in small.

Can i write you a review ?

Sure! Quality written reviews are most likely appreciated. You can see reviews about me on MERB, TERB and the Escort Review Board.

Do you meet with clients with disabilities?

Absolutely. My condo is accessible (floor level entrance & elevator) but I can meet you at your place also! Please feel comfortable to write to me if you have any questions.

Who do you meet?

I'm available to meet people of all cultural backgrounds and heritages, ethnicities, genders, orientations, abilities and sizes. Inclusion is
important to me. My only requests are that you are clean, healthy and safe!
I'm pansexual, i'm comfortable meeting trans, transvestite and non-binary people as well.

Do you take outfit requests?

I absolutely love outfit requests. Please let me know as soon as possible so I can be outfit ready. I want to make sure I have your fantasy in my purse before I leave the house!

Do you meet couples?

OMG YES! The chemistry in a couple is one of the most amazing things to be a part of! I don't charge extra when meeting couples!

Do you do XYZ ?

You can find a detailed list of most of the services I offer in the Let's Spice it Up section. If you are looking for something that isn't
listed, please contact me!

Do you allow filming?

Yes i do but only if we had discussed it prior to the booking. I do not accept any person filming me without my consent and will take legal actions if i find a phone, or hidden camera during our encounter.

I enjoy creating special moments with you and i very comfortable being filmed, once we cleared your filming intentions. My Filming rates start at 500 Roses. I'm open to signing release rights depending again on your intention and our discussed rates. You can bring your own cameras and do your own set up, or i can bring my own camera and take care of the video and editing, and send you a fully edited video (or a few depending on our time together). My filming and editing fees are to be discussed case to case.

​It is possible to book me for full length pornstar shoots and films, please contact me for my rates and details!

If we see each other often, i am open to filming short clips for social media and to post on my Fan Pages. To do so, you will have to create a Creator account on Loyal Fans and OnlyFans.

What do you do with my screening info ?

I delete all personal information after our meetings on a periodical base. I will only keep your phone number or emails details for future
references if other providers or if i personally need to revisit them if you make a future booking.  If you have no intention of meeting me or
another provider again, you can ask me to delete all info regarding yourself, please note that while doing so, if you try to rebook with me, you will have to resend me your complete information again.

Do you offer BBFS?

HELL NO! I'm not sorry to say that that isn't a service you will find with me. I value my health and others health to much to take any risks.

I'm a provider (or looking to become one) and i'd love you to teach me the secrets about becoming an independent escort or erotic content creator, Can i email you with my questions?

I absolutely love to help you in any way possible! Let me save you some time, money and stress. I will share to you everything I've learned
working 9 years in the industry : business accounting, marketing,
advertising, photography, fly me to you dates, wardrobe, safety, self
care, share empathy and openness with clients, creating adds and so much more. I have experience working in Canada, Europe and the USA. I will share with you all the tools to success and safety, so that you feel confident building your own business.

This class can be taken in person, by skype or by phonecall, or any other way that can be easy for you.

Contact me for details

​I can also help you with your website!

Website making can get messy and complicated, let me handle the making of your own personal website, so you have more time to focus on the new aspects of your Indy life! I will assist you in every step, to help you create a professional impression for your clients. 

More Questions?
Emotional Boundaries

I give a lot of myself in all session and dates i share with you. I appreciate love and affection directed towards me and respect those emotions. Please don't turn that love into something negative and resentful. Let's transform it into something safe, strong and healthy for both of us. I see our relationship as a meaningful friendship, let's build that into something unique to the both of us and the moments we share together. I want to be with you, i want to create something special for both of us to blossom in.

Emotional Boundaries Part 2
It is a pleasure to be an open ear and to help you naviguate your intimacy, your troubles and tribulations. Unfortunatly i must remind you that i am not a therapist, i will do my best to guide you with love and care with my experience and opinions, but i do not have the tools for all situations. I will always welcome you and listen to you with the best and more caring attention i have. I must reserve that if a situation is too intense for me to hear, that i will guide you towards licensed and specialists that will help you unlock parts of yourself that i cannot guide in the boundaries of my intimacy with you.